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“We can’t cycle together cos I’ll race past you on my e-bike”A friendI  - Mir@cles
~ * ~ 2013R2~ * ~On a summer evening, Begoña was driving on Crayoline Road. She imagined herself not being alone, a hand resting on her knee. She knew that she had never driven her Mazda with someone, other than glitzy visual novelist Marcia Lapidis and her brooding agent Patricia Dendermonde.

Those occasions had the comfort of the gossip between women, which could not however distract her from imagining a man. He sometimes stole a glance at her and mostly looked out at the plains. At this part of the road, the plains had always been vast and had the quality of being in constant peril. God created the World, but the Dutch created The Netherlands. The same applied to Dutch nature, which was coerced in a twilight, between full-blown forest and grassy plain, having vegetation that was most akin to South-Africa.

Crayoline Road was an intersection between a sea that had lost its salt, a forest reminiscent of …